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Finding Natural Kinds

Finding Natural Kinds

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                                     (all primary instructor)

Philosophy of Mental Illness (syllabus)

Boston College (Phil 4320), Fall 2021, Spring 2021 [online/hybrid], & Spring 2020 [online/hybrid]


Moral Responsibility in Mental Illness [Graduate Seminar] (syllabus)

Boston College (Phil 7650), Fall 2021


Perspectives on Western Culture I (Spring, syllabus)

Boston College (Phil 1091/Theo 1091), Spring 2021, Spring 2020 [both online/hybrid]

Perspectives on Western Culture I (syllabus)

Boston College (Phil 1090/Theo 1090), Fall 2020 [online/hybrid], Fall 2019

Present Moral Problems (syllabus)

University College (U22, Phil 131), Fall 2018

Business Ethics (syllabus)

University College (U22, Phil 234), Summer 2017

Biomedical Ethics (syllabus)

University College (U22, Phil 233), Fall 2016

Business Ethics

University College (U22, Phil 234), Summer 2016

Biomedical Ethics

University College (U22, Phill 233), Fall 2015

Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology Institute for High School Students (syllabus)

High School Summer Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, Summer 2018, Summer 2017, & Summer 2016

Theory and Reality for Middle School Students

Middle School Summer Challenge, Summer 2018, Summer 2015

(co-designed with Kate Schmidt)

*Many syllabi list my former names, Katie Rapier or Katie Shanker.



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